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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Part 3)


So we left you in Part 2, after a rather decadent dinner and a few too many nightcaps in the Bar Car (by this time we had well and truly departed Paris and were making our way to Venice).

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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Part 2)


So if you have managed to get through Part 1 of this amazing journey you will have realised that Elldrew were now in France, standing on the platform at Calais ready to board the famous VSOE.

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Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Part 1)


Planet Elldrew don’t want readers to think that our lives are too glamorous, but we did get a fabulous opportunity to experience first-hand the ‘Golden Age of Travel’ aboard the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE).


What a trip it was; 48 hours that sparkled like the champagne that flowed into crystal glasses and gleamed like the polished mahogany across every surface…this surely has to be the most fantastic train journey in the world, on the most famous train of course!

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Free Publicity

Free Publicity

Elldrew have been blogged about…love it. Click on the heading to see a photo taken on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, on our recent London to Venice trip. Blog to following soon.

An Ever Changing View

British PullmanOne of the top 5 things on our to do list is to take a trip on the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train from London to Venice. Since it’s inaugural trip from Paris to Istanbul in 1883 the Orient-Express has captured the world’s imagination and is simply described as one of the ‘finest travel experiences’ – a recent Chanel No.5 advert reinforced our love for this iconic train.

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