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Happy Renovation Anniversary!

We can’t believe it’s been virtually a year since we completed our house renovations (it took that long to get over it)! So we thought we’d pull together a quick ‘before’ & ‘after’ picture blog to show the transformation (more for us so that in 10 years time we can look back and remember it all, but also for our international friends who have not yet had the chance to visit).

dining _elldrew

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Acid Rain

We recently mentioned that we had commissioned a large format piece of art from artist and graphic designer Lene Bladbjerg, after spotting her talents at Spitalfields markets. Elldrew are happy to reveal ‘Acid Rain’, which is proudly being displayed in our lounge room.

acid rain

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For Arts Sake

pole_dancingOn a recent trip to Spitalfields (London’s oldest markets), we came across their monthly Arts Fair. A bit disheartened by the size of it (about 10 ‘booths’) we decided to have a look around anyway as we had been looking for several months for something to take pride of place on our lounge room wall…the ‘missing’ piece to complete the recent renovations on the ground floor.  Having trawled through countless art websites, even making a few unsuccessful gallery trips, we had planned to attend the next Affordable Art Fair, until we came across visual artist Lene Bladbjerg.

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