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A Bathroom Fit For a King


Here at Planet Elldrew we are 3, or so, years behind an almost entire renovation of what was then our new house. After purchase we changed everything except the bathroom as its current simple style fitted in with our overall design plans, so it just needed a fresh lick of paint at the time.

For the house’s 3rd birthday, and a little treat to ourselves, we decided to finally freshen up that main bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens are never easy to get right – we spent so much time creating a stylish kitchen that worked with our limited space that we wanted something contemporary for the bathroom, that maintained the masculine aesthetics we have running throughout the rest of the house…the focal point being to create a room that wouldn’t date too quickly (or that we’d become bored of within a week)!

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Baking Trials Commence

Elldrew are trialling Madeleines in the kitchen today…watch this space.


Festive Restaurant Feasting, London Style


Here at Planet Elldrew our 2014 Christmas break seemed to comprise mostly of eating in some of London’s finest restaurants, in the company of friends and relatives from both home and overseas. This is probably similar to most people’s break but in the interest of avoiding the topic of diets or New Year’s resolutions, we thought it far more fun to share our favourite dining experiences of the festive season.

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Wishing You…

From sweater shivering shakers
to sweaty sun worshipping bakers

As Santa visits real and fake trees
across varying temperature degrees

Elldrew would like to raise a cheer
to all our friends far, near and dear

Merry Christmas, good tidings to all
Happy New Year, have a bloody ball!

It’s Party Time…

…so make the moment magical.


We have fallen in love with party peeps The Jelly Rabbit. They provide a glittery, happy place in all our imaginations. Hand picked toys and stylish fancy dress, carefully chosen international brands and artisans, things to treasure and things that are just cool. Themed party kits, ready made party bags – they offer you the original and special ready to add a sprinkle of sparkles from table top to time to go. Kids parties just got cooler.

Check out their website for party inspiration, actually get them to add a dash of magic to your next party…alter all, we do love a good party!



#100happydays (in review)

“Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it will be this hard, I’m going back to the start” (The Scientist, Coldplay).

As we think about our 100 Happy Days Challenge and rewind back over those days, these lyrics seem entirely apt. Oh how we laughed at the thought it could be difficult to find a happy moment every day. Oh how we scoffed at the 71% of people who have failed to complete the challenge. Oh how wrong we were. It was hard, a real challenge – there were just days when work had been busy, it was bucketing down outside and you’re heating up leftovers in front of a bad TV movie…no matter how hard you try there just isn’t a moment that makes you feel particularly happy!

But hey, we did it, and for the last 100 days we have snapped a moment that made us happy! 100 days ago we were just back from a holiday, summer was here and we were enjoying the long days. Roll forward to now and autumn is well and truly upon us; the days are shorter and the weather’s wetter. But that’s not to say we haven’t had a good time. We’ve been to two weddings, and to the theatre twice. Booked two holidays, and went on one. We’ve been to restaurants in North, South, East and West London; some were Michelin starred, some just dirty take-away. We celebrated a year of not smoking and we treated ourselves to some new jewellery. One of us swapped glasses for contact lenses and the other got new frames. And we watched a lot of TV. But what did we learn? We learnt that our life may not be as exciting as some of our social media posts have lead our followers to believe, but do you know what? Life is pretty good and it’s nice to take some time out to not only reflect, but appreciate that. It’s something we don’t do often enough but are going to try and do more of in future! Maybe we’ll even go for another 100 days!?!?

Anyway, here’s a very brief video of our 100 happy days, summoned up in 1.5 minutes.



An English High Tea, Fit for a Princess

Here at Planet Elldrew we never need much of an excuse to throw a party, so Mama Elldrew’s spring birthday was in fact the perfect excuse.


With a rather cold and grey winter behind us and spring having sprung in a typically English “sprung a leak” rainy kind of a way, we wanted to make a tea party that was bright, cheery and also reflected Elldrew’s style and taste (centred around the birthday girl of course!).

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Delicious Ducasse – or was it?


A 3rd wedding anniversary might only be the “leather” anniversary but for Elldrew it was the opportunity to join friends and splash out at one of London’s swankiest and most highly acclaimed restaurants – the 3 Michelin starred Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. We were just in time to enjoy head chef Jocelyn Herland’s new 2014 Spring menu and had the choice of going a la carte or opting for the 7 course tasting menu. Whilst we enjoy eating out regularly it is an exceptionally rare treat for us to enjoy somewhere with 3 Michelin stars, and whilst not being big lovers of seafood, we decided to be brave and indulge in the mostly seafood tasting menu, we were happy to have our taste buds awakened.

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Watercolours, Elldrew Style

Elldrew like nothing better than grabbing a canvas and some watercolour pencils on a Sunday and creating some original pieces. Actually we lie. Playing around with one of the many image editing phone apps available, you can become the next Picasso or Monet with the touch of a button. In 5 minutes we took some […]

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