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An English High Tea, Fit for a Princess

Here at Planet Elldrew we never need much of an excuse to throw a party, so Mama Elldrew’s spring birthday was in fact the perfect excuse.


With a rather cold and grey winter behind us and spring having sprung in a typically English “sprung a leak” rainy kind of a way, we wanted to make a tea party that was bright, cheery and also reflected Elldrew’s style and taste (centred around the birthday girl of course!).

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The Hummingbird Bakery’s Lemon and Thyme Drizzle Cake


A lazy Sunday with a few leftover ingredients in the fridge and Elldrew turn to their favourite cookery books to pass the time. On this week’s menu was the Hummingbird Bakery’s amazing Lemon and Thyme Drizzle (or Loaf) cake. It’s so delicious and so easy to make that we whipped one up for Ell’s office whilst we were finishing our morning coffee, and a second one for Drew’s office whilst we were digesting lunch (it’s not fair to favour either office, and if we hadn’t made two the rest of the lemon thyme and sour cream from our previous weeks tea party (blog on that to follow) would have been wasted)!

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Dead Donna and That Cake

The demise of poor dear Donna Summer got us thinking about Macarthur Park and that cake that she left out in the rain.

Firstly, a tad silly of her to leave it in the rain. Being a baker myself, I know that’s simply a novice mistake – yes, one might cool it on the windowsill, or take it to a picnic in a basket, perhaps for alfresco dining a glass cake dome would work – but leaving it outside unprotected on a rainy day…simply silly!

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